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Seperatism? Is this what society is coming to?

January 3rd, 2005 (09:30 pm)

current mood: angry
current song: Enjoy the Silence...Depeche Mode

In today's day and age one would think that with all of the education,communication,therapy,and the increasing world population that people would become closer and reach out...not seperate.But isn't true that it's quite the opposite...We are all too busy,too egocentric,and prefer quiet resistence vs.active dissident. The way things are that we all hide behind our haute couture,closed bedroom doors,private addictions,and not to face our demons. Not to talk about thing as not to disrupt the natural order of things but to do this aren't we destroying the natural order instead?

I want to scream at everyone what the fuck is going on?Speak to me, speak to each other.Share those thoughts that are running through your head.say what you really mean to say.There's no reason to hide behind pleasantries and flattery.Why not tell the truth?Does it hurt that much?Sometimes you have to bleed to grow.....

I'm tired and partly because I hide behind my "Great Wall".I protect my cavenerous heart.However I can say that I'm not fake.I do not hide behind a false face only my fashion.Peole read the distatste painted on my face...most of the time my feelings are on my sleeve.I am guilty too of not speaking because all I want is peace and quiet.I just want people to open up to me and air out the dirty laundary....I miss far too many people because they felt the need to seperate and to move on. Here's a question:Are you all happy with your decision?Do you regret not having me in your life?Do I pass through your thoughts through a moment of reflection?I would hope to think so.Just because you all are selfish and seperate yourselves from the world does not mean I have to.I refuse to seperate myself from reality.....