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Winds of Change....

July 15th, 2005 (01:25 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: Fallen Icons-Delerium

Haven't written in a while. I'm not very ambitious about certain things I guess. Well the winds of change are coming my way again on the tides of time....I feel as I am evolving once again part of my ever constatnt metamorphosis and a characteristic of my chameleon state. After five years at Fleet, now Bank of America I am trying to get a new job with a new bank and hopefully it will be a better situation. I can't handle wallowing in this hellpit that all of us have been tossed into. I'm waiting for an answer from the new place my interview went quite successfully I think. So the worst part is the wait. I have no patience as it is well known. Hope to get out of here soon.

On a positive note Matt and me have been together for nine months and I have been happier than I have known myself to be in years. It is great to be in a content and secure relationship with someone that I love so much and it feels like time stands still when I am with Matt.

I have begun writing again a potential book with around 17 pages in the past two months. However ;ately the life has been drained fom by the job and any sense of creativity. But it's a start and it's nice to be writing again after a dry spell that has lasted for years. The book is about a female serial killer....lol....appropriate for me....I thinking of revising some of what i have written or the concept not sure yet....

As for the other components of my life the Diabetes, well my blood sugar is high as ever, so my units have been increased from 32 to 38 units a day. Blah but what else can I do.

Knock on wood, I haven't had any of horrific nightmares in the past month or so. The Jasper and Hematite have been helping along with the sachet that needs to be changed above my window. I am lazy I must admit. I know things are changing such as my job, my perspective, and tons of other things. Not far from Samhain so its appropriate to feel this way. My senses are up again but there's alot going on around me with my friends, family, and work. i feel like I am flooded but at the same time content. I am always the contradiction. Change, that's all I feel. I am predicting for thos e around me as always and for the most part I have been accurate. Very reassuring......Well for now I will finish off listening to Fallen Icons before going back on the dreaded phone with dreaded customers.......