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FashionVictim25 [userpic]

Touch Me,Push Me, So I Can Get My Satisfaction

January 2nd, 2005 (10:57 pm)

current mood: discontent
current song: Satisfaction-Benni Bennai

Well the new year has begun.Two days into 2005.Can't believe my 26th birthday is creeping up on me. Time passes by as fast as the summer breezes.

My New Years Eve was fun.For once in many years,more than I can remember Mark and me hung out together. Also,Matt,Eric,Stephanie,and Jen hung out. A quiet but fun New Years Eve.No unnecessary drama.For once I had someone that I could kiss as the veil of the year passed from one year to the next.This time it was not an empty devoid kiss that I wanted to mean something.It was a kiss as warm as the sun and full of feeling.What a wonderful way to start the new year with someone that makes me feel beautiful,strong,and makes me feel like time can stand still.I so want my relationship with Matt to last.He is everything I wished for.He makes me laugh,smile even after the most horrible day.We can have any type of conversation,go out and stay at home and still have the most fun possible.For once I feel secure.Scared because I feel so much but at the same time the love is euphoric.Matt is goal oriented,intelligent,open minded,has a great sense of humor,and caring all at once. Sometimes I think I'm dreaming.

I'm going into traing tomorrow for Priority Services(how wonderful)*note the sarcasm.I have so much work to get caught up on because I took VTO.Oh well it will work out in the end I suppose.

The Tower is appearing once again....in more than ways than one....All that we know is going to change.New seasons of our lives are coming to be.People and time and circumstances...*sigh*Unsure, and confused about many things at this time.Uncertainty about things I was certain about and could once trust.Nothing lasts forever not even cold January Rain.....